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About Trafficmaster

About Us

Trafficmaster, Teletrac and FMS are focused on the same goal - integrated, intelligent driving services that reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

Our services use a common telematics technology platform, developed in-house to offer tailored solutions to our customers.

Teletrac offers fleet tracking, fleet management and navigation under the Fleet Director brand across the US, and FMS is a provider of satellite-based tracking solutions for remote-based mobile assets. Together with Trafficmaster the three now serve 10,000 customers and a quarter of a million vehicles across the UK and the USA.  Fleet Director generates important savings in fuel use, vehicle emissions and fleet costs, by allowing precise control and real time understanding of vehicles on the road.

Trafficmaster has developed a suite of fleet management services in the UK, which includes Fleet Director and the award-winning Smartnav, an intelligent route finding service that uses satellite navigation and live traffic information to find best routes and guide drivers around congestion.

Our real-time road speeds data and live incident information allows Smartnav to calculate the optimum routes and avoid traffic congestion on every journey, improving on-road efficiency and reducing congestion overall.  Our comprehensive traffic data means Smartnav is continually updated with traffic information, road closures and speed camera locations.

Smartnav is supported by Trafficmaster's 24/7 control centre, with a team of personal assistants on hand to check destinations, provide routes, even connect you to emergency and breakdown services.

Our live traffic information is also available via mobile phone and Radio Data System -Traffic Message Channel (RDS TMC), used by most of the UK's top ten car brands and a wide range of portable navigation systems.

We are also the force behind Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking, monitored 24 hours a day in our Control Centre.  Stolen vehicles automatically inform us and are then monitored remotely, with police informed of their whereabouts for fast and efficient recovery.

Trafficmaster was founded in 1988 and floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1994.  On 29th July 2010 Trafficmaster was acquired by Vector Capital and was de-listed from the London Stock Exchange. For further information regarding Vector Capital, visit

Trafficmaster is a member of the UK’s Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership.

Pay As You Drive Insurance, Road Pricing & Bespoke Projects

From Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance to Road Pricing programmes; whether in fleet management or traffic information, our technology consistently pushes the boundaries in telematics in order to meet new challenges.  Based on proven building blocks, Trafficmaster builds bespoke telematics solutions to help companies realise their business ambitions.  Trafficmaster provided the vehicle technology behind Pay-As-You-Drive car insurance with Norwich Union.

Examples of bespoke projects that Trafficmaster has successfully implemented and managed include:

  • RydeSmart - a co-branded fleet management programme developed for Ryder, the leading edge supplier of transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions
  • Norwich Union PAYD Motor Insurance - Norwich Union, one of Britain's largest insurers partnered with Trafficmaster to market a sophisticated new approach to motor insurance to individual customers
  • Department for Transport - an end to end demonstration project of road pricing in the UK
  • Highways Agency Road Monitoring - roadside sensor data collection and analysis for the Executive Agency of the Department for Transport (DfT), which is reponsible for operating, maintaining and improving the strategic road network in England

Trafficmaster Ltd

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